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Erin - March 22, 2007
Kaz I think I'm bilingual now, thanks! Erin
Kevin D - April 16, 2007
I think anyone planning to visit Japan would be well served spending at least a month with an introductory Japanese text book.
Isaac F. - July 19, 2007
The video was good and all. It helped with some of the common phases that would be said on a day-to-day basis, although the host had a bad habit of constantly looking down at the ground when either beginning or ending his sentences. It was quite distracting. Over all though, it was good.
Bim - August 06, 2007
And to think I was actually considering buying a book or taking some courses when all I needed was Kaz
Kat - December 07, 2008
Great beginner phrases. You might want to get rid of the "n" in arigato"n" in the captions.
Daniel Blanco. - December 28, 2008
Good video dudes! Thanks!I Started a Japanese course and I wanted to know some gramatic... if you know a web page or some books please, tell me. Greetings from Venezuela
Jacob - January 09, 2009
After looking at his *habit* of staring on the ground.. I realised it was only done when he was saying either *thank you* or *sorry*, it's probably his style of a mini bow, just to be polite. Alot of useful phrases. I would love to learn the language myself.

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Kaz tells you how to pronounce common phrases in Japanese.

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