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I'd like to give you a tour of the top 5 hidden gems of India. Varanasi - Few people know that this is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It is also among the holiest cities in India. River Ganges is a central part of life here. Kolkata - formerly known as Calcutta. This friendly city is thriving with culture and has many treasured landmarks that showcase colonial architecture. Khajuraho Temples - A UNESCO world heritage site, these temples were constructed over a thousand years ago. Unfortunately, many were destroyed by invaders. Leh and Ladakh - Located in northern part of India, the landscape of this stunning region consists of towering mountains and beautiful Buddhist monasteries. Madurai Temples - These are among the world's most important Hindu temples. Visitors are in awe when they experience the amazingly intricate temple structure.

India - Top 5 Hidden Gems
New Delhi

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