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Vipul Singh - May 22, 2007
One of the most amazing place for a good meal. The Food is superb, ambience is great and the service is friendly. A place worth several visits!!
Nathan Cross - June 23, 2007
The best hamburger I have ever had in my life was here. Medium rare, bacon, brie, lettuce, tomato.
urvashi zala - October 11, 2007
the best eggs benedict ever.. was a egg hater till i tried one of these.. super!!!
Martin Stein - July 05, 2008
The Best Meals I had in a month long stay in Mumbai or shall I still call it Bombay! Lived at a heritage 5 Star hotel round the corner, tried all the restaurants there, went almost broke, walked into the Indigo Deli after reading some rave reviews, and man was I floored!!! Awesome food - Great taste, simple but elegant presentations, superb portion sizes, very friendly, professional and warm service and a specials of the day menu that could have been outta any michelin starred restaurant! Kudos to the guys behind the Deli!! Will come back again and again and again! Cheers!

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Indigo Deli

Dine at one of the most well known eateries of Mumbai.

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