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Sabina Valayil - January 13, 2008
hey buddy, you have done really a good job, for people like me bombaites, u know born n raised in mumbai .. with the little pav to real big kadak pav. really this video took me back to my home and my bakery where we use to walk and ask pavwala for 6naram and 6 kadak pav that use to be our usual for the morning. Believe me Pav has avery close place in my life. THanks for this posting and you know i am gonna bake it myself. let see if i get the same taste as maska pav gives in bombay. regards, sabina
Ardeshir - February 04, 2008
The Parsis are a vanishing community the reasons for which are manifold. A part of Bombay (Mumbai to some) will die when they are gone. Because it was the Parsis that built Bombay and gave the city its unmistakable character. If ever any race was deserving of cloning it is the Parsis of Bombay (oops Mumbai).
bitto - March 11, 2008
hi i really liked the video it took my memories back home when my dad use to buy mawa cake and bring home for us to enjoy ..i really miss those mawa cakes....regards bitto
Jimmy Wadia - March 11, 2008
When visitng Bombay from New York, I make sure I eat bun maska there along with tea. Tirandaz and his father Pervez are great freinds of mine and they never charge me. God bless them.
Kaushik Sanghvi - March 18, 2008
Friendly welcome and homely atmosphere is what makes Yazdani my favourite place. Thanks to Tirandaz & Parvez Uncle. Special Thanks to Zyros for his Bugs Bunny Cake (Carrot Cake) a rare vareity of cake to be found.
vijay garg - July 11, 2008
hi thanx for sharing this video ....... this really helped me in completing the presentation ..... and i hope that my presentation got good marks ....... well thanx again for the above video... Vijay Garg 9811384925
Farid - July 17, 2008
Bum Muska, and mawa cake is one of the best chioce in Irani hotel with cutting i.e small cup of tea. Visit Irani Hotel in Bombay and Engjoy.
Natasha - November 29, 2008
Those mawa cakes are the best thing in the world, pure happiness.
imtiyaz - January 04, 2009
Have eaten the bun muska at yazdani bakery many a times. I have a real craving to eat the ladi pav of yazdani bakery. Any ideas of where we can find the recipe for the gutli pav.
vandana - January 09, 2009
We have been buying bread from yazdani for 8 years now. Their apple pies and Ginger buiscuits aresimply delicious.
Vijay Soni - June 05, 2009
While going back home to Vasai, I used to carry the delicious Mawa Cake

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