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Tom - February 23, 2007
I remember seeing a beer vending machine. Wouldn't it be nice if every country had it?
brad - March 24, 2007
The beer vending machines are no longer there, as the Govt found out that many teenagers were drinking alcohol.
Dave - May 02, 2007
I love it! What other vending machines are there in Japan?
Amanda - June 05, 2007
the beer vending machines are still around, just harder to find. There are also lots of cigarete machines as well!
Paul - August 02, 2007
Praise Buddha for the shoe cleaning vending machine!
Gundam - November 19, 2007
where can u find alot of toy vending machines ?:)
sushi. - January 04, 2008
does anyone know of companies that sell sushi vending machines?
Patti - January 12, 2008
Looking for vendors' Sushi machine, I saw in Tokyo
Ginie - October 24, 2009
As a flight attendant I m in Tokyo every week, Some Vending machines I v seen over the years: Fresh Flower bouquets vending machines, Lucky charms vending machines, Celebration cakes vending machines, etc.... I even heard of a "dirty knickers" one near Shibuya !!! Dont think it exists anymore but that was a best seller apparently! Google it if you dont believe me...
Sirish - June 23, 2010
I found a vending machine in Kyoto with neckties, disposable cameras, batteries and memory cards
Bernie New Jersey - July 07, 2010
I am in the gumball business, just saw a kinetic gumball machine in Japan, it was fantastic. I searched the net for more info,none available the brief video clip was on you tube, any help would be appreciated

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