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AFK - April 05, 2007
keep your cosas close to your body as I was ripped off on the BsAs Subte
Portenio - April 30, 2007
Yes, beware of pickpocketers in public transpo. Don't look like a tourist (cargo pants, backpack, trekking shoes, etc) Dress up!
Alex - February 09, 2008
Portenio - dressing up is what you shouldn't do - dress down!
Grace from California, USA - January 09, 2009
It is a fantastic way to go! Easy way to get there without getting too confused with street names and directions. Also when taking a taxi, be sure that it is a RADIO TAXI. These are registered and safer.
Grace - January 09, 2009
Another tip is to carry the cash in your front pocket and little in your purse. Carry the atm card in pocket also, just in case you need additonal cash when you are out. In fact, you can use the ATm card to buy things, or a credit card. Also, carry your purse close to you when in a crowded area. Just common sense. No backpacks.

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