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dk verma - June 18, 2007
If you had shown the fisherwomen transporting fish in the local train. It would have been better.
Farah Rustom - March 28, 2010
Excellent documentary? But in which part of Bombay is this fishing village? Won't you please make one on Sasson Dock,Colaba,which was right behind my house on Wodehouse Road? Seeing the Bombay Ducks(Baumeel) brought back mouth watering memories of fresh Bombay Ducks during the Monsoon months,braded in wheatflour and masala and fried in coconut oil. They were brought to our door daily during the Monsoon by fisherwomen carrying them in baskets on their heads bless them. I wish you had also shown the incomparably delicious Pomfrets which are beautiful even to look at.No trout or salmon can ever bring the joy to a Bombayite's heart as a fried masla pomfret. Long live the fishing villages and the fishing folk of Bombay! Farah Rustom

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Fishing Village

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