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chetan - March 05, 2007
Great to see Mr. Shekhawat at work. He is the man responsible for keeping the art of blue pottery alive.
ajamudagar - March 16, 2007
Blue Pottery looks beautiful. Where do you buy it?
veena - January 24, 2008
excellent video, very informative
edith - April 30, 2008
where do they get their inspiration from
Maderan - May 31, 2009
excellent video.can u share the address,so we can mark this place as a must see place on our visit to jaipur
Ruth - June 14, 2009
I enjoyed this video. An excellent overview.
tanushree - September 26, 2009
gr8 to see such a spritual person workin !!! n keepin the art alive still....... it was very helpful for me and ma project on blue pottery !!!!!!
Anonymous - August 29, 2010
hey dere thanks so much .. actually i m working on a project based on blue pottery of jaipur so dis video is really a gud source of information for me... thankz again !!!!!!!!!!

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Blue Pottery

The age old art of blue pottery is being kept alive in Rajasthan.

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