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Adarsh Sinha - March 08, 2007
Janpath Market in New Delhi is popular amongst foreign tourists. Although prices seem reasonable, market has lot of tourists. Chandni Chowk probably has better rates but it is harder to get to and information about that is not easily available.
Puja A - March 08, 2007
Adarsh- I actually found the prices in Janpath to be extremely reasonable. That's after you bargain and bring them down though. If they know that you're a tourist, you'll be quoted a much higher price. You have to bargain with them a lot.
Sanj - March 16, 2007
yeah you do have to bargain a lot at Delhi janpath market. I personally enjoy bargaining but some people don't.
Bugjune - November 23, 2007
If you're uncomfortable bargaining, you can get very similar things over at Cottage Industries Emporium just across the street from Jan Path Market - but you will definitely pay more, as there is no bargaining. This place caters even more to foreign tourists - and is probably worthy of its own GeoBeats video clip!
Sweta - January 22, 2008
I agree with Bugjune that Cottage Industries Emporium is worthy of its own video. I have not been to the Delhi store but did visit the Goa store. Even if you don't buy anything there it is a good place to look around.

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Janpath Market
New Delhi

A popular market to pick up traditional Indian goods for back home.

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