Sandra Imwinkel




3 User Insights - November 29, 2009
To the left of the Sacre Coeur church you'll see straight ahead of you as you get off the elevator Fenicula I think it's called.
Annie Ella - December 30, 2009
It's the funiculaire. 1950's, teenagers, and broke, one of the fun things to do was to stand behind a painter and make nasty comments about his technique, colors, perspective. We thought we were really witty. Stupid but innocent when compared to what teens do in the 21st century.
Ayanna Owens - January 13, 2010
I really do like art and you should put something like music such as piano.I think you should put different by Beethoven like, sugar plums.

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Place du Tertre

Montmartre's Place du Tertre which was home to artists like Picasso, Renoir and Manet.

Montmartre, close to Sacre Coeur

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