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Peter in Martinez - October 10, 2007
Great vid -- but isn't it buenAs noches? Sounds like she's saying buenOs noches... silly me.
ande - November 10, 2007
your right! we just say it so quick we never think about it and we got confused.
Jim in Ireland - July 31, 2008
when someone asks how are you ? they say : ¿todo bien ? you say : joya (pronounciate 'hoosha') .... only in BsAs !
kendra - August 27, 2008
how about "chau" for good-bye? ...and "perdon" instead of "lo siento"...and although it might be hard to explain in a short video, you can't leave out "che!," which might come closest to "Hey, man!"
Grace from California, USA - January 09, 2009
Very good! and I agree with Kendra, ciao (chau) is very common for good bye. And "che" is really used when you truly know someone, otherwise, it may be considered impolite. Luckily, quite a few Argentines know a little English and will gladly try to help. They are very helpful people there. A little Spanish/English dictionary (if you speak English) can be helpful.

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