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bernard - September 30, 2007
I live in British Columbia Canada. My daughter will visit Paris next year. Well done
anni - January 08, 2008
I like all these videos, I love Paris already!
arnie - February 08, 2008
I now have to find out were the snails come from and how they are cultivated
Joan - March 24, 2008
Makes me hungry; hope we find a good restaurant for them
8Y1 French Class at William Howard School - June 05, 2008
The majority of our class decided that we would like to sample escargots. Katie especailly liked the architecture of the restaurant!
Viv, - January 03, 2010
This is recommended as a great restaurant and the prix fix menu is €29. This restaurant culture escargo eggs and serve them tons of them nowaday as caviar. I think Christine and Marc ought to check out.
Ann - April 16, 2010
I just had my honeymoon in paris. Thanks for the good comments here. We had tried the "mixing escargot" which serve in 6 and cook in 3 flavor. I like the cheese escargot! Yummy !

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Escargot Dining

Indulge in Escaragot at a restaurant which is considered a French historic monument.

38 rue Montorgueil

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