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Mani - September 24, 2007
The name of the restaurant is really unique. I thought the restaurant would have taxi or transportation theme, but to my surprise it seems there is no correlation with taxi as such. Does any body know if there exists any correlation between taxi restaurant and taxi?
Fari - March 12, 2008
The location is not very clear it just says South Bombay. People who are settled abroad and visit India don't want to spend time finding the exact site of Taxi Restaurant. I've lived in Mumbai and visit India every 2 years and find lot of changes so will appreciate if the exact locations are mentioned in your coverage, otherwise well covered. Please respond to: Many thanks & all the best...
Henry Quesada - May 14, 2009
i've found it in the internet 92/98 Khatau Road (Jony Castle), Colaba, Mumbai Phone: (22) 22184319, 22166638

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Taxi Restaurant

Indulge in Western style Sunday brunch in an upscale setting.

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