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shiv mathur - March 09, 2008
The Dabbawallas have a basic process which they have developed by themselves and will not be found in any textbooks as such. Their unfailing commitment to teamwork is possibly the second most vital ingredient for their amazing success. No praise is adequate for these wonderful Dabbawallas and for the important service they are rendering in Mumbai.
Sandra ( Muscat) - April 13, 2008
Superb organizatons. Not even a C.E.O. can manage a company. Dedicated Mumbaite
Rameshwar - May 16, 2008
I think the organization is great and many can learn from them. In terms of team work and self motivation.
narayana murthy - August 08, 2008
dabbawallas play as a crutical role in deliverying goods to right person in time. they coding & decoding ,teamwork ,time management is extermely good .
Abdul Azeez, Mahe - April 17, 2009
The most efficient organisation with only three layers, you will not find their success story in any textbook on management. Wonderful employees of a wonderful "organization."
DB - October 24, 2009
All your films are great! Thank you, guys for sharing.

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These dabbawalas move 400,000 lunch boxes every day using trains and bicycles.


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