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lara - December 26, 2007
while ı was searching about mumbai on the internet I found your beautiful.because ı will visit mumbai and I didn't haven any ideas but now I do. noted all of your advise about the city. thanks for your good job! regards
Bansi - November 24, 2008
I am born&brought up in Mumbai.Yet I explored so many new places and destinations.Well shot and Premjit has hosted it even better.Nice Script and seems like a lot of research went in making these videos.Very comprehensive and showing the true SPIRIT of MUMBAI.
isha - July 15, 2009
You forgot to mention Badshah Faloodas which is pretty close to Crawford Market. Yummiest faloodas in the world! I so miss it!!
rhea808 - November 19, 2009
alphonso mangoes...drool when i was a kid, i wanted to free all the caged animals, birds found in this market.i wonder if they still have them around.
Farah Rustom - March 28, 2010
Dear Karan and Premjit, Thank you for a superb little gem on Crawford Market. I am relieved to learn that it is still called Crawford Market by the Bombayites. The Alphonso mangos brought back sweet memories of baskets of fragrant alphonsos that my mother used to buy from street vendors. Believe me,what goes by the name of mangos in the West aren't mangos at all to those who grew up eating Alphonsos! I was a bit disappointed to see how sanitised and western supermarket style have become the fruit and vegetable displays at Crawford Market. Also,why did you leave out the meat and fish sections?Maybe a little too much for squeamish first world stomachs,but rich in nostalgia for the rest of us. I also wish you had shown us more of the merchants' faces,like the subliminal gimpse of the fruitseller whose mango you were enjoying:-) Thank you for including Mangaldas Market. I used to buy my saris,dress pieces and curtain materials from here.What beauty! What opulence! At affordable prices! Our tailor used to stitch and blouses and curtains on my mother's Singer sewing machine in the servants' quarters at the back of our aprtment. Nobody was ever lonely.There was life both inside and outside the home. Today,even if I can buy a blouse piece,where is the darzi who will stitch into a perfectly fitting blouse for me? Farah Rustom. p.s.: please include my email address so that I may here from other Bombay lovers -perhaps even long-lost friends.
RAJ - August 10, 2010
just came to mumbai for my further studies from Goa.. Mumbai too has an equal exitement of itself. thanks to you guys for uploading such wonderful videos of the city and helping us outsiders.... thanks a lot
Zain ul Abedin - April 15, 2011
I am pleased to see this video of Crawford Market. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I have visited this market several times. My Grand Father had a bakery shop there. And i really miss the food stuff of Badshah especially its falooda and pav bhaji. The city of Bombay is my dream place to visit for its rich culture and its food
Gong - August 03, 2011
I love to watch the video, but I didn't catch some words said by the host, even if I have viewed the video "Crawford Market Mumbai". So, hope send me the host's broadcasting manuscript.

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