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vrc - December 24, 2007
great stuff, only the host should speak French and you should use subtitles! More authentic and people can learn the language!
John Young - January 16, 2008
Why not put a little button so that the user can toggle between French and English? - May 26, 2008
Hi, Our family will be in Paris on the 15th June for 5 days and staying in the Maris area. I was wondering if you could tell me where the chocolate shop is with the chocolate fountain in your video? I am sure the children will love that. Thanks, Lisa.
Lisbeth - June 18, 2008
There is a great chocolate shop at 4,rue des archives caled Girard. I bought several gifts there and the recipients were delighted with it.
henry senay - September 24, 2009
we are going to paris in june 2010 and we are using your clips to plan our trip. if you could please us address so i can place in google earth to map our daily journies. thank you very much

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Chocolate Shops

Indulge in chocolate delights in the Marais district of Paris.

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Chocolate Shops featured: Les Chocolats de Beussent, Jadis et Gourmande, Cacao et Chocolat

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