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JRach - February 28, 2007
Portobello market is great but there's lot more to see in that area. Victorian houses and a number of restaurants.
prensh - March 04, 2007
very interesting market. Lots of little treasures can be found here..if you are into antiques, can spend lot of time here.
Sophie B. - March 05, 2007
Yeah, I agree. I am a regular visitor. You get a true flavor of London here. You'd be surprised at the antiques you can find here, but I am a regular visitor because of their fresh and delicious produce!
FBaggett - August 15, 2007
I loved exploring Portobello Market. I bought jewelry, old pewter and old maps. Really exciting place.

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Portobello Market

One of the world's most famous street markets - antiques, jewelery, second hand clothes and more.

Getting There/Directions
Tube - Hammersmith and City line to Landbroke Grove station.

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