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Rochelle - May 28, 2008
Hi Premjit! Thanks for this video, it reflects my wonderful experience in India. I plan to visit Elephanta when I return. Rochelle
Lena - July 06, 2008
I just got back from India. I wish I had found this site before. Brings back a lot of memories.Thanks
Violeta - July 12, 2008
Hi Premjit! Great site! Will help me a lot to discover what to do in my trip to India (Bombay).
Laura - August 19, 2008
This is a wonderful site. I wish I had discovered it before traveling with my video crew to shoot a corporate video for Cisco. We were fortunate to cast actors and shoot a commercial style video at Kamalistan studio. We had a little time to explore, our hotel was in Band Stand, and our director was raised in Bombay, so he had us film in interesting place like Chor Bazzaar. I hope to return to India soon.
Farah Rustom - March 28, 2010
Dear Karan and Premjit, Thanks again.While the caves are indeed the main focus,I wish that you had shown us more of the beautifulIsland itself,with its trees and bushes and views of the sea.What a beautiful place for a picnic on a (comparatively) cool winter day. Also,the boat ride is in itself a refreshing and exhilerating experience as one asses great ocean liners at anchor,feels the salt air on one's face and in one's nostrils,and watches the sea gulls flying around the boat. Oh Bombay! My Bombay! My beloved Bombay! Farah Rustom
abhishrek chaudhuri - September 18, 2010
Hi Premjit, This is gr8.Since our wedding is in the early 1900's theme we are going for our first trip together [ allow me not to use the honeymoon] word to Mumbai n Bangalore...much like those days. I am going to be staying at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel for 2 n and 3 days and find your site very very useful to plan our time in Mumbai.I appreciate your effort on this and give my best wishes to u n karan to take this forward Abhishek Phoenix USA
yomama - October 28, 2010
this site is the great, i learned so much... maybe next time talk a little slower :) goodday.
marion and montana - December 03, 2010
Awesome videos- Thank you so much, you lighten my research so much!
Anonymous - September 11, 2011
Good to see the way you have shown the caves in all it's splendour but the information you gave about the Trimurti statue as depicting Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu is incorrect as it is the Sadasiva or Maheshwara Trimurti depicting the Panchamukha Shiva with three faces showing different features on the side facing us. The five mantras that constitute Shiva's body are Sadyojaata, Vaamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Eesaana. Eesaana is Shiva not visible to the human eye. The Trimurti Sadasiva image of Shiva in the Elephanta Caves is a portrayal of the five faces of Shiva. The fourth and the fifth heads are not visible. Hope you can correct it in a future version of your film next time.

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