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margot hollyer - July 05, 2008
Juhu Beach was a paradise thirty years ago. I made many friends there, now it is just too ordinary
Varun - March 20, 2009
Juhu beach is infected with dirt, rubbish and stupid practices! I am Hindu myself but I cant see that why people don't realise that they are polluting the environment by throwing all that prayer stuff they throw in it. Maybe there should be a designated area for such activities. Still, Juhu beach is awesome in the evenings. It has the most beautiful sunsets! I love it!
Lance Williams - January 05, 2011
I'm an American who lived in Bombay as a boy in the early 1960's. We used to enjoy going out to Juhu from time to time, and almost no one else was around. There were coconut vendors and tandoori chicken and the Sun 'n Sands Hotel. It was mainly an empty, clean beach with some good surf.

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Juhu Beach

Throngs of people, street food, and a nice sunset at Mumbai's Juhu beach.

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