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Nayan - March 11, 2007
While it is a religious occasion, celebrations and parties in the city go beyond the religious places, the whole city pretty much parties during the day, great time to experience Mumbai's spirit during Ganesh Chaturthi.
shenoy narayan - May 16, 2007
you hould show the richest ganapathy of mumbai. which is at king circle of the G S B SEVA MANDAL 24078147
Helen Taylor - May 17, 2007
My question is.. when is Ganesh's birthday celebrated this year in 2007? e-mail me at
Yogesh Prabhu - September 15, 2007
Why Lalbaugcha raja, our GSB Seva Mandal Is The Richest In maharashtra and also it is navsala pavnara ganpati.
aaishwarya - October 04, 2007
The people are not concerned with the richness of the ganpati but the power and shakthi that ganpati possesses. i don't mind visiting lalbaugcha raja and g.s.b seva mandal. for me both the ganpati are known for their power.
Ravinder Singh Uppal - October 10, 2007
I think in mumbai lalbaugcharaja & G.S.B seva mandal are the richest mandal we have in maharashtra today.
Atul Patankar - October 18, 2007
I think that lalbaug cha raja is not only the richest mandal ,But Lalbaug cha raja is very religious ganesh for whole mumbai & in few years it will be famous world wide.
kiran.G.Inamdar. - May 08, 2008
It's one among the greatest festivals of india and also the world.

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