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SDans - February 17, 2007
Does Anokhi have retail outlets otuside of Jaipur where hand printed clothes can be purchased?
Ike - February 22, 2007
Yes they have many retail stores in India and even outside of India. Website should have that information.
Kesh D - March 05, 2007
I know there's an anokhi store in Delhi in Khan market.
emma ganderton - March 09, 2007
having visited the museum last year, it was great to see it again. Many items from Anokhi are available in the UK from the East stores
Emma Ronald - March 23, 2007
Thanks Emma! Its great news to meet people who visit us for a second look - we try to change at least some of the exhibits every season as we wouldn't want anyone to get bored! In answer to the other question earlier in these comments Anokhi has now 17 stores around India, plus the museum shop, & still export to many other countries around the globe. Best wishes Emma
Emma Ganderton - May 16, 2007
I have recently bought a couple of 1970's pieces on e-bay - amazing dresses with really vibrant colours I am becoming addicted! Do you make ranges for people under private label? regards Emma
Emma Ronald - May 16, 2007
I deal only with the museum, but can tell you Anokhi supply exclusively designed ranges to many shops around the world (see for details), but there is no facility for small/ individual orders. However, they do a 'Limited Additions' range of one-off garments available only at Anokhi 32 Khan Market (upstairs) & a few items in our museum shop. Ebay is a great way to track down the classics! Emma
umesh Sharma - June 01, 2007
Well, at Anokhi, it is good to see that local tradition of Handblock Printing specially in textile sector has proved to be a very good for Indian Handicrafts and its artisans to take it further and flurish it.
Emma Ronald - June 13, 2007
Important info for visitors wanting to follow-up their visit to the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing in Amber with a shopping trip to the Anokhi store in Jaipur itself - it has moved round the corner in C-Scheme to C-11, K K square,Prithviraj Marg. Museum address is still in Amber!!
Ginn Downes - October 15, 2007
Hi Emma, been meaning to write for years now! Working full time at Hereford 6th form and all going well. At this moment the students are cutting lino blocks and i'm about to bring up the Anohki website to show them. The museum looks amazing you must be proud. How's the MA going and life in genera? looking forward to hearing from you Ginn
nisheeth mishra - October 18, 2007
I need to know more about anokhi . I had been to anohki so many times, not only I had seen factory but I went to anohki sales. It was a good experience.
Emma Ronald - December 26, 2007
A quick note to visitors trying to get to the museum - the map link above places the museumin the wrong location. Head instead for the Amber Fort, then follow the blue & white museum signs from the middle of the marketplace. (A better map can be found on the museum webpage
Helena Richmond. - January 09, 2008
My mother recently returned from India with some beautiful clothes. I wish to import and promote your clothing here in Australia. Could you please contact me with some helpful information. Thanking you Regards. Helena
Avni Trivedi - January 18, 2010
Hi, I just read some of your books on Ajrakh and Balotra hand printing traditions and methods. Would love to visit some of these artisans to see the beautiful fabrics for myself. What is the best way to do that.
rubina - March 04, 2011
hi,emma this is rubin , havent been to jaipur but more curious to learn about the process of block printing
fayeza shahnaaz - March 23, 2011
would love to start anokhi unit in the north east,guwahati

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