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Anonymous - August 22, 2007
Chinatown is a busy business district in Manila. Its general outlook and feel is totally differnt than manila city. You can go there to shop for jewelry, customize jewelry, Chinese medicine, authentic Chinese food etc. Some of the popular landmarks to see in Chinatown are Binondo church, Sta. Cruz church, Bahay Tsinoy Museum and Philippine-Chinese Buddhist Temple
victoria soutter - January 12, 2008
Are they open on weekends? Regards from Scotland
Herky del Mundo - February 11, 2008
Yes, its great to go to Chinatown in weekends.
Daniel Yu - April 29, 2008
Manila's Chinatown is a wide area that covers more than a busines district. The main street is ONGPIN Street, and it is here you can see the multitudes of restaurants (from fast food, to gourmet) in all price ranges, and 99% are delicious. Chinatown is open 7 days a week. You can find the jewelry stores, chinese drug stores, oriental food products & supermarket items, and much more. It is a MUST Experience!

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Find yourself amidst the teahouses, herb shops, Chinese pizzas, and horse carriages.

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