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jan - June 26, 2007
Ahhh, just what I needed. Merci mille fois! Could you do seasonal revisits here to show the changes over a year's time? Jan Cartier
James Danise - September 11, 2007
I have been to that market several times and it is wonderful. You are problably also aware that on the weekend it also becomes a bird market. You may purchase all types of birds from parakeets to parrots.
Leng in Singapore - April 27, 2008
What a beautiful short film - This must be the famous flower market on Ile de a Cite. I have not been to Paris in 20 years - and I love watching this and for doing research in my writing project. I must go to Paris again one day.
Beverly in Pennsylvania - May 22, 2008
We visited on Sunday, May 11, 2008. The bird market takes over a portion of the flower market on Sundays, but there were still many lovely plants available. Notre Dame is very close, as is Saint Chappelle, the stained glass chapel. It all makes for a lovely setting. Paris is so stimulating and charming!
anuj - August 26, 2008
i want some information on flora & fauna flowers of paris?
Gayle - November 21, 2008
Seeing this video makes me want to hop on a plane and go to Paris right now. I've been to Paris twice, but somehow missed the flower market. The next time I go I'll be sure to pay the market a visit. Merci beaucoup!
Bill - March 06, 2009
I came across the flower market when I was walking around. I loved it.

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Flower Market

Many popular and unique varieties of flowers are found at the market by the Seine.

Close to Notre Dame

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