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Nicholas.Walker@xerox,com - July 25, 2008
Very nice and informal. We will be visiting your country in September perhaps we can meet for a tour. Thanks
HOla - December 06, 2008
Sorry, but eating while you walking aint considered unpolite. Besides, who are you being unpolite to when you do that? Nice work:)
Grace from California, USA - January 09, 2009
As an Argentinian myself, I understand the customs. The people don't usually eat while walking because eating and even drinking coffee is a time of engaging in conversation for most. If you notice, cafes and restaurants are full of people chatting. That is why they don't eat on the run, like a lot of Americans. So, don't take it personally. And yes, everyone kisses each other...I think it is a nice custom.
Nava - February 01, 2011
I will love to share my tips when I get back from ba do u have a page for it?

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