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Kirsty Macintyre


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Anonymous - August 30, 2007
There's more to Scotland and Glasgow than parks and squares. Not impressed.
Frank O'Hagan - May 22, 2008
Well done. This an excellent short film and more of this type of film and commentary should be done about Glasgow and its cultural heritage.
Paul Fardy - July 05, 2009
Well made, well done ! Thanks, looking forward to our visit.
Pat O'BBrien - September 26, 2009
A well made and interesting clip.
Robert Stewart - October 14, 2009
Excellent, well made video. Thank you.
Kenneth J Gill - July 29, 2010
A very detailed video, nice to see the old haunts. What no rain? Great well done!
Aurora Mata - November 23, 2010
I've been to Scotland twice. Where are the other more historic and fascinating cities? How about Edinburgh? Culloden? Inverness? Skye? Mull? Lewis? Arran? And what is with the music? Where is the Celtic music?

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