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Robaire - September 15, 2007
not sure I have been to this area? it looks to be on the periphery? I must return to Paris soon, I miss her.
sharon - November 11, 2007
What can you tell me about Belleville? I'm visiting Paris in May of 2008 and i'm curious about the neighborhood. Thanks.
Ana-Luisa Casaurang - June 14, 2011
Cecile: we were told to avoid "les arrondissements conflictifs", like Belleville, but for what I see, it's another great area to see and visit!
Steven Miller - June 15, 2011
We have just returned from spending a couple of years in Paris and I loved going to the markets at Belleville for the cheapest fruit and vegetables in the city and to visit all the Morroccan shops there..sigh!

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Belleville Neighborhood

Unlikely to be found in a guide book, the upcoming neighborhood is full of rough charm.

Getting There/Directions
Metro - Line 11 to Belleville stop

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