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Silvia Hole - September 05, 2008
The best looking -and tasting pastries in Buenos Aires. Atmosphere is fantastic and the service impeccable. The building and its history are a good excuse alone to go in and admire. Magnificent and vast stained glass windows together with detailed woodwork decorate the dining rooms which they all take your breath away. One can stare at the fixtures for hours while drinking coffee and savoring the wonderful pastries. This is indeed a jewel and you can get much ,much, much more for your money than if you traveled in Europe. All of Buenos Aires is a great jewel!
Sharon Sladon - October 03, 2009
Loved the Tour guide and the fabulous looking restaurant. I never got there on my many trips to Buenos Aires, but it is on my list for my next trip! Thanks to you Ginger!
Carolina - November 25, 2009
While visiting Buenos Aires with friends who were locals, we were brought to Las Violetas for coffee. It's a good distance from the main downtown area of the city where we were staying but worth every minute of the taxi ride through what seemed like the real Buenos Aires. The building is beautiful, exquisitely cared for and bustling with efficient all male waiters. We were there during the holidays and had the most wonderful pannetone ever. I am going to contact them to see if they ship their products so we can enjoy it in Chicago this year at our family dinner. Las Violetas is a wonderful experience!

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Las Violetas
Buenos Aires

Good food at reasonable prices amidst beautiful stained glass windows.


Av. Rivadavia 3899 (Esquina Medrano)

Phone/Contact Info
54-11 4958-7387

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Reservations not required at Las Violetas

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