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neena - May 05, 2007
Hi! Miss Anais.You are very lucky to eat such a lovely ice-cream.
Maria - September 01, 2007
Great video. But is it true that there are flavours such as onion or garlic? Anais did not mention this.
Eun jung - November 02, 2007
oh! very good video. I want to eat the ice cream.
Kevin - March 31, 2008
Many years ago on my first trip to Paris I had rose icecream! Is it still available? Yum!
Denise - April 12, 2008
I was there in March and the granddaughter waited on me- she's very nice. I had the Creole which is what we call 'rum raisin' and boy was it rummy (and yummy!).The rose ice cream is still available.
Lisbeth - June 18, 2008
I was visiting in Paris during April and had Berthillon Ice Cream 3 out of 5 days, no matter how cold it was. My favorite was the chocolate sherbert and the marrons. Wonderful!
Laurine Haefner - September 25, 2008
I took a group of students to Berthillon Ice Cream in Paris and it became onr of their fondest memories of the trip! Délicieuse!
MylesG, Hayward, CA - October 27, 2008
I love the pear and nougat ice cream. Since I discovered Bertillon in 1990, I have made it a point to treat myself to a cone or 2 of Bertillon. HOWEVER, why does Bertillon CLOSE in August? I mean that is when it would be consumed the most and when most tourists would be town...
Irene - February 19, 2009
Ice cream at Berthillon is amazing, but I also purchase a couple of slices of the Tarte Tatin - it is by far the best I've had.
Profe - April 21, 2009
Merci Sandra Imwinkel! You've made "traveling" to France so easy for my students, and have whet their appetite for more. For me, the 2nd best thing is that I can use your videos in class without fear of seeing something inappropriate. Merci mille fois!
Jo - April 24, 2009
Oh, I'm so disappointed. Why do they close during the month I'll be there? Sob sob!
Lily Gleeson - July 29, 2009
We are going over in the beginning of August. Does that mean you will be closed? Plaese let me know. Thanks.
Dave - August 22, 2009
List this on the things to do before you die list. Sad to eat the American air-puffed version, go to Paris, then realize after 40 years you have never actually had REAL ice cream.
Rokiah - January 30, 2010
I will surely take my students there on the next trip!
Amarena - October 22, 2010
Yes, Bertillon delicious, but there is still a very tasty Italian ice cream Amarena. Million fine taste ... in the Latin Quarter there are many cafes Amarena

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