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Deres Peash - March 08, 2007
Fun to watch the whole glass making process in Murano Island. There are so many of the shops, go into one of them and see how the glass is made. Other than watching the making of glass, you also get so much information on the industry.
Marie Affatati - March 22, 2007
We loved Burano, it was quaint with many shop selling beautiful lace.
Simba4 - May 09, 2007
This was a great video and I especially enjoy the humor of this film maker.
Rita - January 21, 2008
I LOVE all these videos - they are WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for making them for us to enjoy.

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Murano Island

Get up, close, and personal with the famous Murano glass.

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Vaporetto - LN line from San Zaccaria or Fondamenta Nuova in Venice city.

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