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Shadab - August 27, 2007
Great food.
iqbal parpia - November 25, 2007
the food is delicious, keep up the motox
Firoz Bharucha - February 23, 2008
Where else will we get our kababs at 5 in the morning?!?!?
Anna - March 08, 2008
I want to go to Mumbai SO BADLY!!!! Thanks for the video... ;D
Homi Allbless - March 09, 2008
Bademiya used to be a an open air roadside vendor. The khiri boti was delicious, parallel only to the vendor ar Beech Candy shore. These memoreis date back to my high school and college years 1956 onwards.
Ganesh Acharya - July 10, 2008
Shamil - November 28, 2008
Bademiya is awesome - best in the world - long may it live!
Salman Shaikh - May 06, 2009
Thank you GeoBeats, and Karan & Dyu, for possessing such a beautiful article on our restaurant. As representative of Bademiya's, i would like to share something about it,"its not the food that has brought us here, its the love of our guest that has added more flavor to these kebabs". -Salman Shaikh.
Zarine in San Francisco - June 03, 2009
You made me home sick! Loved that place when I was in college.
Siddharth - August 01, 2009
The best food in the world!!!
Toby Darugar - September 24, 2009
Bademiya has very good food !!! Try Persian Darbar, i think, its the best !!
Faruk Mulla - September 24, 2009
I Missed Bademiya so much... and i want to go to mumbai so Badly..... Thank you GeoBeats, Karan & Dyu, for showing me such a beautiful video of my favorite Place...
Karan Singh - November 14, 2009
I will definetily visit Bade Miya this december.. coming on Holidays and this time I have made up my mind for sure .......
Suru Shivdasani - March 04, 2010
A Great Place to Visit, Mouth Watering Cuisine.
Naval Driver - March 15, 2010
Have been eating here since 1974. The food is different by itself. Really delicious especially after a drink. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
n c naidu - September 04, 2010
watch the way the food is made hot spicy and see it being gobbled up by the young and the old yeh jannat hai bhooke aur pyare logon ki
Farah Beal - August 17, 2011
I was born and brought up in Colaba, and your video brought back sweet memories of mouth watering shish kababa that I enjoyed along with friends at bade Miyas, behind Leopold restaurant. It was de rigeur

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Bademiya Restaurant

This roadside restaurant is a local favorite for late night food cravings.

Colaba, close to Taj Mahal Hotel

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