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Aj lawrence - January 08, 2008
your shop is fantastic and would love to create a similar shop here in Wales for Welsh Cheeses. thank you Guenol
pete smith - July 06, 2008
i would love to know where this store is ? as we are visiting Paris next month
Ronnie - November 22, 2008
I am visiting Paris again this week and will bring back some cheese. Thanks.
Toni Eicher - March 23, 2010
I will be stopping by this cheese shop while Im in paris in April. my family and friend will be excited to taste the flavors of Paris.
Alex Pinotti - June 13, 2010
I have just moved to Paris and I am in love with this videos, grate idea .
Admin - September 25, 2010
Hello! What a wonderful video for unlocking the mystery of French cheese. I am embedding this on my website: Thank you for providing these videos.
joan constantino - March 22, 2011
what is the name and address of this fromagerie?
Keyanna Taylor - April 26, 2011
i want some fromage now! :)
Anonymous - September 16, 2011
I wish they had cheese shops in Virginia.

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Cheese Shop

Learn about different kinds of cheeses, their taste, and origins at this Parisian cheese shop.

8, Rue des Petits Carreaux
75002 Paris

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