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Rana - February 18, 2007
Here's an interesting etiquette in India. Everyone seems to have a mobile phone in India but most people don't have an answering machine so the "missed call" has become a pseudo way to leave a message for someone. If you want to talk to someone, they might not be available, just call them and hang up after few rings.
Kiran - February 21, 2007
Be careful when you ask someone for directions. Even if they won't know the directions, they would still give you their best guess and it will sound convincing. So verify from multiple sources.
Jay N - February 22, 2007
I noticed in some traditional areas, when greeting elders, you are expected to bow and touch their feet as a sign of respect. Somewhat contradictory as Udayan is mentioning that feet are considered unclean but I guess you make an exception when greeting elders.
Kiran - February 22, 2007
Jay, touching elders' feet is a dying etiquette. It is not common anymore. Even if some families practice it, guests are generally not expected to follow.
Jaya - February 22, 2007
hehe...Yeah I have had personal experience with people standing too close in line. I almost ended up confronting the guy right behind me until my cousin calmed me down and told me that it's the norm for people to stand so close to each other. The "bubble" concept is not well known I guess.
Harikumar Pillai - February 28, 2007
N Delhi can at times be a little daunting in terms of culture,like brash behaviour butit is still a vibrant city with a soul and will fill u up without burning a hole in yr pocket
Ashok Das - March 07, 2007
Wash your hands before your meal. Because there's more dust in many parts of India, people wash hands before eating, that's why there are hand washing areas like Udayan said in Etiquette information video.
Monica - March 17, 2007
Feet etiquette is important in India. People really don't like when someone's pointing feet or touching them with their feet.
Msqrus - August 31, 2008
This site is very interesting and it really entertained and helped me a lot because I'll be flying to India next month.I hope and pray to have a memorable trip and share them to u.God bless India!
steven - December 06, 2008
In India when you speak to people be sure they really understand you. when they shake their head and said yes it is not necessary that they understood you

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