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Erin - August 02, 2007
Eerily, it looks quite comfortable. I would not mind staying in there.
KateC. - August 02, 2007
Oh my, what a concept! Price is tough to beat in such an expensive city. But if you are scared of closed spaces like me, it does not seem like the best option. Having a TV helps.
Pardostist - August 02, 2007
I will take a peek to satisfy my curiosity. But sorry, not staying there.
Alexis Paret - August 02, 2007
There's one that opened in London recently...hopefully one will open in New York soon...can't find anything decent less than 200 in NYC.
Theo - August 02, 2007
Dude! That would be a Great Room to Stay in!
Anonymous - August 02, 2007
Its like sleeping in an MRI.
Paul - August 02, 2007
Praise Buddha for the shoe cleaning vending machine!
Teen - August 02, 2007
Way better than a 15-person room at a hostel.
jack tequila - August 02, 2007
just like the fifth element airplane sleep room.
Drag - August 02, 2007
I believe that was (35years ago) something similar at Copenhagen Airport. Forgot all about but it was comfortable enough for me.
Biks Wigglesworth - August 02, 2007
Gee..When I first saw the shoe closet I thought, "Damn! That IS a small room!"
chin how wee - August 02, 2007
I have a cousin who has stayed there and enjoyed it very much!
Cynthia. - August 03, 2007
If i'm staying there it is just to experience something defferent, nothing more.
Jerry - August 03, 2007
I can from Japan to Los Angeles in 1964 on a Japanese ship where I had a bunk the size of that hotel room...the sides were a curtain.
Boris B - August 03, 2007
Excelent concept. What else do you need to sleep over the night ? I just didn't figure out if there is a place to take a shower and wash your teeth in the compound.
Jesse - August 03, 2007
Rioko is so cute. Was that an Australian accent? And what if you want a two-person pod? Perhaps for those who want to be close, the size is perfect. Last thought; isn't the TV facing the wrong way from the pillow? They better be showing MXC!
unreconstructed1 - August 03, 2007
so was the place originally a morgue that was renovated? thats the impression I got from the "rooms"
sundevil - August 04, 2007
I am with the person that says what to do if you have two people. Do they offer doubles for husbands and wifes? I wonder what their honeymoon suite looks like
brenda - August 05, 2007
Evan Ukiningeoiette - August 05, 2007
The room seems like a great place to get some sleep if all of the surrounding "units" held quiet sleepers. I don't move around much at night, so I would sleep well, especially because I use a CPAP.
alana - August 07, 2007
hi rioko! glad to see you again what a great video that is. keep up the excellent work hopefully i see you on TV soon
amiran - August 22, 2007
it makes you more accustomed to... your grave; claustrophobic people will not make it through the night...
Luna - August 30, 2007
A good idea for the U.S. homeless population during winter?
Lex - September 01, 2007
didn't the contestants stay there on the amazing race? it looked so cool :-)
ssmith - November 17, 2007
would it be possible to use a similar concept on international airplane flights? I'd love to be able to sleep, and it's roomier than the seats are now!
human - February 18, 2008
its like a human kennel....
Kitzenz - February 22, 2008
I stayed at a Capsule hotel in TYO. You just need to be familiar with the steps that Rioko has outlined. One refused me entry - pointing to a poster that indicated only for Japanese speaking. At others, when they find out you do not speak Japanese, they quickly ask if you're familiar with their bathing system - small stools in the communal setting. Just tell them you've read up on it already. Totally comfy if you can get past some snoring - thus earplugs are good.
Joystick! - June 16, 2008
Unless you’re an IN DOOR person, that’s all you need. Besides, It's dirt cheap for a HOTEL!!! Right! To add more info, they also have a Four persons ROOM!. Great! Next thing, they'll make book shelves for People!! Awosome!!!
Kwinsky - August 12, 2008
Space, much more residential space is scarce in Tokyo, therefore really expensive!!! I am lucky enough to stay in a 36 sq.m apartment and that size is already considered really really spacious - they even call it a mansion!
-Dale- - November 20, 2008
When I was in Tokyo I wanted to try one of these out, but it was cheaper to stay in a Ryokan. It was even cheaper to sleep in Ueno Park ;)
Oleg - December 28, 2008
That is actually a great idea. They should get those in all the major cities as it would be much cheaper and more efficient if a person just wants to sleep for one night.
NileshG - February 15, 2009
All I have to say is cool.Considering how space is a limitation in Japan,this is a great way to hotelize the space available.But I wonder if it will support the needs of guests here in US as our needs are just more than one night nap. This might be worth discussing in my next blog topic at
steven - March 18, 2009
Save the money on hotel, and go for capsule. cheap and clean.
Cindy - June 09, 2009
I know Japan is safe but with all these crazy people attacking innocent people around them, what about while sleeping in a capsule hotel? I only saw the host lifting a blind....
harry - March 13, 2010
It's affordable and clean. The solution for a short stop in a town like Tokyo
Kiisu - April 14, 2010
Could be fun for a goof for tourists to try but you can get Weekly Mansion (cheap chain hotel all over Japan's big cities) room in Tokyo for $45 USD that is kind of like a dorm room (I got one with with private bathroom, and bigger bed since I'm 6'2"). Also as someone else mentions some ryokans might be as cheap and it's much cooler to do older style tradition stay than this idea. A lot of the guys who stay at these are struggling businessmen in this touch economy or dudes who stay out too late to go home for the night. It's not as cool as it seems but it would be for one night as a life experience. Japan has amazing specials for tourists that are not available to Japanese residents. You can travel far and cheap if you do the internet search work. They may not want foreigners to move in permanently but they are amazing hosts to guests! lol
Sirish - June 23, 2010
I can see myself resting there but if all you have to secure it is a curtain..not sure I'd dare fall asleep...Someone suggested this for NYC..are you kidding? WHO would dare sleep there?
Micki - July 28, 2010
Forget the five star experience go for shoe box size "room"
Papi Joe - February 16, 2011
Look to me like a Dog House.. No offense...
Juliana - May 09, 2011
Wouldn't it be fun to stay there!!!!! Haha
Anonymous - September 04, 2011
I think it looks pretty comfortable and i dont think i would mind staying in one for awhile.
Anonymous - September 27, 2011
When I was in Japan in 1979... I saw these..what you do not see in this video is that.. they have windows that they look down on the city. It looks like a "Honycomb" of people. The Japanese people are very resourceful, with their space, time, natural resources. One family I stayed with, their living room, was mutile purpose, it was also their: dining room, and bedroom. This was in Yokohama, a hugh city, they were not poor. The wife owned a beauty salon, which was in the apartment also. Americans in California (most would just not understand how this culture operates!) When I came back, my "Reality" changed! We do not need 5,000 square feet for 2 people, at least I do not. Too me less is more..the Beauty in Life is..Nature...untouched...... God Bless the Japanese People..I continue too Pray for their Recovery.... Carol Koceja "point lobos girl" past Japanese exchange student "Home" for 4 students

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