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Kaushik Roy - October 06, 2007
Dear Sir, Plz let me know the tel no of Jain Bird hospital, youe article is useless without address and tel no.I have found a injured bird and could not find the tel no . A quick response from your side will be deeply appreciated, Regards, Kaushik Roy. Mob : 9871293493
hardeep singh palia - January 20, 2008
dear sir, please let me know the telephone number and address of jain bird hospital. my contact number is 09810181790 thanks a lot. H S Palia
Deepa Krishnan - October 01, 2008
Please see this link for a list of animal and bird hospitals in Delhi.
Anonymous - September 19, 2009
Hey Kaushik, The birds hospital is in Chandni Chowk, bang opposite the red fort, in the Jain Temple. Its very easy to find. All you need to do is ask anyone in Chandni Chowk about it, they'll guide you. Otherwise you can always go on for the exact directions.
Tara - September 19, 2009
I have visited the hospital in the Jain temple, very often. And each visit has been more facinating that the one before it. I think every Delhite must know about the wonderful work that the doctors there are doing, and with a rare intensity of devotion to the well being of birds. Its a beautiful place, and if anyone comes across an injured bird must without a thought bring the bird over no matter what the distance may be.
Sharad Sharma - December 24, 2010
This is great what is being done at Jain bird hospital. everyone should do to enrich the life of other creatures. I do have their number. can anybody give??

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