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Apurva Patel - October 17, 2009
Great job on explaining this place. It has been my favorite since I was in KG! It has changed with the times but the food quality is ALWAYS the best! It is now 4 times wider than in the 1960s! Hope the food never changes! By the way this video is making me very homesick as I am a vegetarian living in Washington DC!
arjun - June 09, 2010
u should have atleast mentioned about the dosa in swati snacks
Nancy and Shailesh Shah - August 13, 2010
Boy, do I miss SWATI!! My husband and I went there all the time while staying with his sister around the corner. We're vegetarian and SWATI is a dream come true with unbelievably yummy food! Not a lot of vegetarian restaurants here in New Zealand where we live!
Reena - November 08, 2010
Growing up, I never liked chai. I tried Swati's masala chai at the age of 27 and fell in love with it! I am determined to find out their recipe the next time I'm in India.

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