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Rosalind - March 21, 2008
Ahh! Just when I'm trying to loose weight LOL. I'm DEFINATELY going to Stohrer:). I'm going to Paris in May (also London and Hong Kong, a great site for those cities too.). I have been researching since October and this is the most Wonderful site yet. I Love Guenol and Anais.
Neill D Varner - May 30, 2008
Not mentioned in the video is a wonderful Tarte a la Rhubarbe which is made qith a pate sucre ( butter, confectioners' sugar, flour , ground almonds, salt and an egg) and a custard that is simply beaten eggs, granulated sugar, creme fraiche or heavy cream and vanilla. Rhubarbe filling (! poound) cut and sauteed with sugar for 7 minutes, placed in the baked shell and covered with custard, then baked for 30-35 ,imutes...It is wonderful.....
E. Durham - March 26, 2009
Wonderfully helpful and well-designed website... One of the better ones I've seen while researching Paris--which I hope to visit soon. Merci!
Paula Zimmerman - April 09, 2010
Much appreciation to Sandra Imwinkel for making these fine videos. Superb and very helpful. Celia, Guenol and Anais are so great !!!

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