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Robert Baeken - March 12, 2007
Damian is my guest and teacher in Belgium. I m accord with Damian that a good walking in the music is esssentiel to become a nice and agreable tango! Robert
Grace from California, USA - January 09, 2009
"mi Buenos Aires querido..." Lyrics of a famous Tango by the master himself, Carlos Gardel. Tango is passion in the most beautiful form, dance. It is about love and therefore, it is amazing. I really enjoyed the Tango show at the Cafe Toroni....I know there are others too. So there are a lot to choose from. Tortoni was not as expensive as others, yet it was very good.
khalid - January 27, 2010
Its quite impressive. Tango dance has been well depicted and surely thrills the viewer.Its definitely is one of the prominent aspect of Argentina culture and does ask for a visit.

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