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Sweta - January 18, 2008
I've never been to this place, but judging from the video the food looks gross. Anyone else agree?
Porus - January 21, 2008
Sweta, perhaps you are a vegetarian. Food looks fine to me.
Vrushali - January 21, 2008
Amazing parsi food. The beri pulav is authentic persian food. I used to eat there regularly when in Bombay. Now it is a must stop whenever I am in Bombay. Looking forward to a beri pulav, bombil fry, dhansak, and caramel custard soon. If time permits another visit for patra ni macchi.
d-ash - January 23, 2008
The food is par excellance..if you are in bombay u must not miss this place. And sweta if you do not like the food do not comment till u know what you are missing...BON APETITE
Bomi - February 03, 2008
The place is totally OVER RATED by any good parsi foodie like me. I would not spend 1/2 the amount to eat the crap, which is lapped up by middle class people who think that its the BEST!!!!! I have eaten there with my 2 teenage daughters and we all thought it as "rubbish".
Diana Bharuicha - February 04, 2008
Britannia food is by far the best Parsi food I have ever eaten .... Although I, personally do not much care for the famous berry pulav I find thier dhansak, sali boti, patra ni machi, rotli custard etc. the best in the world . When ever I come to Mumbai , I try my best to have at least one meal here. This is a treat for me and I have to pack up and carry it home for the family . Coming from a Parsi who eats Parsi food daily , this is a real compliment to the Kohinoors' . Hope they are able to run this place for the next 100 years as well. Wish them the best of luck
S - February 05, 2008
Sorry to say but the food at this place is not only over-rated but tasteless. Go to any Parsi's house and they'll give you better food by a mile. This place is fine for those who have squat knowledge about Parsi food. I have eaten at this place and it was nothing less than a disappointment for my taste buds.
Zubin Mistry - February 14, 2008
I get the best food at home so I do not venture out to these parsi Restaurants. I have been to Britannia and found to be Satisafactory nothing great.
kavas - March 10, 2008
Great place, super food, but don't face the kitchen when you are there.
Jimmy - March 11, 2008
How can you ever judge food as "gross" from its video presentation. Do you know how "gross" caviar looks when presented in photo form!
Dilnavaz Bhagwagar (Nagpur) - March 14, 2008
I visited Brittaia Cafe for the first time in Feb. 2008 while on a visit to Mumbai. I have not tasted Bombay Ducks or boomlas fried to such perfection. The patra ni machi was also very good. The caramel custard was superlative! Boman Kohinoor and his sons added that special Irani touch---hospitality without frills. I would definately go back myself and recommend it to friends.
Bomy Irani - March 16, 2008
Excellent food,very tasty but very expensive compared to other Restaurents who also serve slightly less superior food but prices very reasonable
Manny Seervai - April 24, 2008
I live in Sydney Australia. Whenever i come to Bomaby i make my utmost effort to visit Brittania rest. The food out ther is out of the world. The berry Biryani is unique. We get Berry biryani in sydney in afghan rest.although it is called afgan pullav. but theone in Brittania is unique. I do hope they will be there for another 100 years
prachi - May 27, 2008
too good info....i have been searching this from long time.....
Rob Rogers - June 18, 2008
It's wonderful - we ate lunch at Brittania a couple of weeks ago whilst visiting Mumbai- it's a fantastic experience with terrific food. The old gentleman in the video is a charming host.
Mohit Vagal - July 29, 2008
Please mail on the full postal address along with the landmark. I hv heard so much about this resturant that like to taste the lovely food.
Meghna - November 29, 2008
Long live the parsis, they are a wonderful community!
ajinhk - December 06, 2008
I have visited Brittania often and also taken my Singaporean friends there who absolutely loved the biryani, the salli boti and of course the great drinks like Raspberry, Mango and lemonade which are not available in most other restaurants.
Raika Gazder - January 01, 2009
This senior uncle used to give me 2 eclairs every time i went to bastani with my grandmother. All through the years from my age 3 to 7, it is one of the most amazing memories of my life, even after 20 years i feel like he will pop out of the screen and gimme eclairs LOL!. And you dunno how thrilled i am to see him on geobeats sitting here in delhi! One thing noone mentioned bout britannia is that the gravy "cutlet" is the size of a foot! Chalo long live iranis!
Raika Gazder - January 01, 2009
Bomi uncle "Ghar ki murgi dal barabar", you definitely have a lot of people cooking parsi food for you. But for many people it's a luxury and the food is really amazing, also the enthusiasm with which bomansha explains recipes to customers is very good (ne tamune nai gamtu hoi to na kaho, amthu bijao ne kai misguide karoch.)
Prakash Thadani - June 08, 2009
Yes the Berry Pulao Mutton is out standing but lately they have increased the price, which I feel is way too much for this dish.
Navi Reyd - March 26, 2010
I am no longer in India, and my mouth started watering when I saw the food. Once upon a time Chinese food was considered to be the most popular in the world, but today it is Indian food.
Farah Rustom - March 28, 2010
My dear Premjit, Thnak you for making this little gem of a video. I cannot explain in words what your video means to an expatatriate of 24 years like myself. I left Bombay,where I was born,in 1986,little knowing that I would not see it again for all these years. My Husband,who is American,is a chef,and he enjoyed the close-ups of the dishes and their recipes. But of course,he could never feel what a Parsi feels when she hears"Patra ni macchi,Sali Boti,Caramel Custard" and so on. I thank you for the happiness that you have given me,and for the excellent video coverage and your commentary. By the way,you are very personable and unassuming and that too adds charm to the video. Farah Rustom
Love Britannia - April 02, 2010
Absolutely awesome...some of the best memories with best food!! Long live the Kohinoor family and Britannia!
homi davier, houston texas - April 29, 2010
my dad & uncles used to be in the same business and they are all extinct. The very fact that we, the Parsi community have one of our own still thriving and giving us what we love is delightful. I have not been there in ages but, guess what, next time I shall be there!
Soli Doctor - May 02, 2010
Being a Bombayite who has lived in the UK since 1959, one of my first port of call when I return to Bombay is the Britannia, together with Gaylords at Churchgate and Paradise on Colaba Causeway. I recommend all three.
Bob - January 21, 2011
Just ate lunch there. what a charming man Boman Kohinoor is! He came to my table -- the place was quite empty when i got there at noon on what seems to be an otherwise busy friday in Fort -- sat down, and said to me, "sir, i think you are an outsider." It wasn't like my cover was blown -- I'm relatively fair and blue-eyed -- so I told him I'm from the US. He told me that both George Bush and Barack Obama are personal friends of his, and went to the back and brought up a pile of laminated letters and postcards, including a couple of postcards with pictures of Dubya on one, Obama on the other, and while indeed addressed to Mr. Kohinoor, were sent by Britania fans. I guess he couldn't quite read them. I didn't have the heart to clarify. THen he told me that he hopes Hillary Clinton wins the next presidential election. I ordered the patran ni machi, which was exquisite, but for 400fs, i think it's a bit overpriced in comparison with other Mumbai establishments. That said, it was a wonderful meal, with a couple of Pari-style parathas, and the custard, also exquisite.
Balwant Singh - May 28, 2011
I really love Parasi food n it's really amazing beri pulav, bombil fry, dhansak, and caramel custard soon. i love patra ni macchi.

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