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Valerie - April 15, 2008
One thing of note - the restaurants along the Puerto Madero waterfront are MUCH more expensive than most others in the city, even if you just want a coffee.
Christoph - January 03, 2009
You are right...but the Spettus Restaurant is really great...Go there in Purto Madero
Jacqueline - April 20, 2009
The tango show in Puerto Madero is a rip off. We were sold VIP seats and told that for our 150 dollars per person (we were in 6) there would be included the meal and unlimited wine, whisky, soft drinks and water. Once sat there we were told no whisky was included, the wine one bottle between each two people and soft drinks really were included, the thing was trying to get the waiter to attend you to bring them. We waited 2 hours for our meal andhad to eat it in the dark as the show had started when it came. The show was ok but Sr.Tango is alot better and you are attended much much better there also. All in all we were not a bit pleased, so suggest you be careful.

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Puerto Madero
Buenos Aires

Waterfront area that has popular restaurants, a ship museum, and a famous bridge.


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