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Arun P V - May 30, 2007
Well done, dost (or should it be host ?)
Vinaykumar R Davare - June 21, 2007
I appreciate your presentation and would like to suggest you to come up with a detailed CD which will also fetch you a market. I am a regular visitor of this market since 30 years.
Sneha - November 01, 2007
There is one so called Chor Bazzar in Delhi too. But, that is more like a road side market. It seems Mumbai bazzar is much much better than Delhi one. Earlier it used to take place behind red fort, but now it has been shifted to front side of red fort near darya ganj market. It takes place only on Sundays.
Graydon Halge - March 12, 2008
Great site. Very well presented by providing the essence of the subject. I immigrated to Canada some years ago from Bombay (Mumbai ) and this site brings back the memories in waves. Thanks , Graydon Halge
Debjani - October 01, 2009
Hi, really cool seeing the chor bazaar video coz us folks outside only hear about these places. Dj Nairobi
Farah Rustom - March 28, 2010
My Dear Premjit Singh, Thank you fot the video on Chor Bazar. I left Bombay for the West 24 years ago,but as the years went by,I felt more an more nostalgia for the city where I was born and brought up. When I made my first winter trips to Shimla(then called Simla) and Kashmir,I bought my overcoat,scarf and gloves from Chor Bazar. What would I not give to be able to re-visit Chor Bazar and buy an antique gramophone,clock,watch,etc. But your video is the next best thing to actually being there. Thank you! Farah Rustom p.s.Please include my email address so that if some old friend still remembers me,they can say "hello"mover the gulf of years.
Howard Paul - April 01, 2010
I'm an ex-Bombayite (well... it was Bombay then) and I must thank you for affording us a lovely nostalgic walk down memory lane... checking out favourite haunts. Thanks and congrats on a job very well done.
Hafizuddin Bukhari - March 31, 2011
It was refreshing to see Chor Bazaar from an outsider's view-point since I live there.Man I was born in this area.But I don't refer to it by this famous/infamous (or is it famously infamous?)name.Sharm aati hai yaar.

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