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Jenny P, - April 23, 2007
Wow! m plannig a trip to Mumbai and Poush would definitely b on our plans. the video was really informative and thanks for introducing us to this restaurant.
Sharon Marks & Sean Paul - April 23, 2007
Thanks for the intersting review, but how do i get in touch with the restaurant if i want to reserve a shikara as suggested by u. i am planning to visit India next week so pls do upload the restaurant details.
Rohit Fotedar - April 23, 2007
I am a Kashmiri living in Mumbai. I would recommend Poush anyday for real Kashmiri cuisine... <br> Sharon their contact details are:<br> Poush Restaurant Kashmiri Cuisine 17 Mayfair Oberoi Complex, Off Link Road, Near Sab TV, Andheri W <br> Ph: 65391201, 66994553
Sharon Marks & Sean Paul - July 06, 2007
We were in india-mumbai last month and as decided went to Poush. Wowww! the food was delicious and the ambience was something that we never came across anywhere else in mumbai or india for that matter. the staff was very helpful and the shikaras were full but as we had the numbers we had booked our shikara and we enjoyed the food ride... this is a must on our trips in the future too and we have already recommended it to friends who plan to come to mumbai. just luuvvvved the place...
Salil - September 02, 2007
What about expenses? On an average per head?
Khyati - May 27, 2008
I love the decor. the hookah, the shamiyanah, the silk sheets and the shikara is the best blend of bringing Kashmir to life in Mumbai. The food is delicious. The only drawback is the service. Behind the laced curtains you await the call of a host who shall serve the platter, but your just endup waiting. The tradition of washind your hands in silver cutlery is fine.
Abhay Takoo - August 22, 2008
Poush in andheri is closed for renovation but now we have a bigger and much better restaurant in our resort which is exactly 10kms away from Dahisar checknaka where you will not only get amazing food but also an amazing day in our pool and then you can relax or even spend the night in our hut with its exclusive garden and a small but cosy tree house. contact Om Takoo(OWENER) on 9821213232 any time of the day or even the night also visit our

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Poush Restaurant

Authentic Kashmiri food on Shikaras at Poush restaurant in Mumbai.


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