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Carole Reid - November 06, 2007
Wandering along the quiet streets of Ile Saint-Louis is a lovely way to experience the city. It was one of my favoutite spots to wonder and I plan to put aside a full day to explore the island on my next visit to Paris.
Sophie - September 30, 2008
Hi I loved this place I had a fantastic dinner there one night but cant remember the name of the reataurant and friends of mine are going next month and i want to recommend it to them. It was on the rue saint louis abuot half way down on the right opposite a jewellry shop, it was tiny with a piano man at the back and a small balcony, it was packed as well, any ideas?? Thanks
Julie - June 09, 2009
We rented an apartment directly across from the church and loved every moment of the week we were there. Many charming and delicious restaurants and bakeries. Can't wait to go back
jennifer tc lim - August 27, 2009
last june i was there wd my daughter. i love this place! i have to go back and wander around its beautiful cobbled streets again.
Daniel - January 03, 2010
We will be going to Paris in March 2010, and plan on going to Ile Saint-Louis island. Anyone have any recommendations on places to eat while there?
lea - February 01, 2010
my friend and I will ALSO be staying on Ile Saint-Louis in March 2010. I appreciate your insites and look forward to "strolling the cobblestones" and looking for local hole in the wall gems.

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Ile Saint-Louis

A beautiful island in the middle of Paris away from major tourist attractions.

Getting There/Directions
Metro: Walk from Pont Marie, Line 7.

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