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SHAURYA - April 07, 2007
It is the best museum i have ever visited
purni - July 27, 2007
I want to see more pagri and how to wear it.
Lina - September 09, 2007
Nice segment of topic on turban....keep up the good work
Surya singh - October 10, 2007
I want to see more pagri and how to wear it. Could you please tell me about that. My e-mail id is Thank you very much
jyoti - November 08, 2007
very good collection the largest in INDIA....
Anant Vijay - December 13, 2007
Please put a video link on how to wear and how to make it (safa/pagri) on your head. Many people like me do not know how to bind/tie a pagri.
tammy jedra - September 25, 2008
great short clip on turbans to show my students
RANJAN YADAV - November 24, 2008
HI thank you very much, you have given alot of information through this. thnk you once again
Shivranjana - August 17, 2009
I loveeee it. Its great, the creator of this beautiful museum is my dad!!!!

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Turban Museum

Learn about Turbans' history, uses, and types in western India's state of Rajasthan.

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