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BRMS (bread rocks my socks) - September 11, 2007
yum!...especially meringues
Melinda - March 18, 2008
I found this site by mistake I will be traveling in May a gift I gave myself for my 50th Birthday - I am so glad I found your site I spent several hours looking at every video and I got alot of really good info Thank you
Rosalind - March 21, 2008
Like Melinda will be travelling to Paris in May for my 50th Birthday (23rd of May). Excellent site, so much information. Thank you so much.
sonja - May 08, 2008
I am taking a friend for her 5oth too. May26 -june 5.this site is great.
harry - May 22, 2008
i have visited paris about six times now and i can never get over these beautiful and great tasting thinking boulangeries i am actually of opening one in the north of england leeds city to be exact. I am now trying to find a specialist in paris so i can get help in setting one up. if you have any conacts i would appreciate it very much, you can get in touch with me at kind regards harry
Kendra - June 09, 2008
the bread looks good and the pastries do too! it was fun to learn about French bakeries. Thanks!
Brenda Ackley/September 17 - September 16, 2008
Leaving for Paris with my Granddaughter tomorrow....She found this site,it is great, Thank You,wonderful info..
jenlim - April 13, 2009
im leaving for paris wd my daughter this june of '09,this is a great,and very helpful site!im learning a lot.thank you.
Austin Yancy - April 27, 2009
This made me hungry and i had to do homework about it. =(
Lilian M. - April 29, 2009
THis site really helped me get info on crepes and boulangeries. Thanks A lot!
Deb - October 18, 2009
I love what you have created! These short video clips enhance my French 8th grade course! Merci bien!
Annie Ella - December 30, 2009
Please do one on French pastries. My friends don't know what a religieuse or a mocca or baba look like and they also think that petits fours are small cubes in different colors when actually they are miniature pastries.
eveline - February 09, 2010
I am going to Paris again in March and will check out all - or most - of your suggestions. Merci!
Janet H - March 21, 2010
When I was 16 I went to school in Paris and rented a room above a boulangerie. Every morning Maman Suzette left a warm plate of croissant and raspberry jam outside my door with my bowl of cafe au lait. I've never had so delicious a meal since. ANY opportunity you get to visit France and experience local food by all means DO IT!! Your life will be so much the better for the experience. This site c'est tres magnifique!! XO Janet

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