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Pernille Kierulff-Hansen - August 18, 2007
I had to go again as I didnt have enough time first time. Ayala Museum is great in both history and art. - And the building itself was very nice.
Bianca C. Vargas - November 04, 2008
i really enjoyed watching this video because even if i don't have enough time to go their, i stil saw the uniqueness of the Ayala Museum to other museums in the Philippines.!!!
Anonymous - November 09, 2008
gosh! its really breath taking place.. very unique!
Sabrina - June 13, 2009
Great Introduction to Manila!
Karla Delgado - November 26, 2009
We just went their yesterday for our field trip, it was really wonderful plus the preview video about the history of our country until the people power revolution, do you know where can i watch it again in the net? co'z we need to make a reaction paper about it and i didn't have enough time to jot all the informations. Thanks. :]]
EDEN ROSE AGUSTIN.. - August 18, 2010
perfect shows the creativity of filipino...great can help a lot of students like me...

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Ayala Museum

A museum that display the rich Philippine culture and history.


Makati Avenue cor. De La Rosa Street
Greenbelt Park, Ayala Center
Makati City 1224

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