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Anonymous - November 07, 2011
Atop the 'Tower' at dusk in early 2003, I was chilled by the wind and lower temperatures, but mesmerized by the spotlights on the cities major attractions. Of my five senses, the only one not indulged was my sense of taste!

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What is the City of Lights without La Tour Eiffel? It was originally built in 1889 as an entrance to the famed World Fair. Artists of the time later wanted the tower torn down, fearing it would take away from the nature of Paris. However, till today the Eiffel Tower dominates the citys skyline. It is nicknamed "the iron lady" due to its beautiful lattice work. Commanding presence, The Eiffel Tower is the most gazed upon monument. It has become a symbol of the city, representing art, love, and life. France would not be France without it.

Eiffel Tower

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