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Joshua - March 28, 2011
your video dates the Chimu culture about a millennium early... they date to around 900 AD, the 10th century, not the 1st. Prior to the Chimu the "separate" Moche civilization thrived in this area, and they do date to the 1st century.

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Chan Chan was the once vast capital of the industrious and innovative Chimu Empire. Dating back to the 1st century, the Chimu Empire stood strong until the mid 15th century when they were conquered by the Incas. Unfortunately, most of this capital city has been destroyed by both man and nature over time. The most well preserved structure of Chan Chan is the Tschudi Palace which housed the Chimu Empire's nobles. The exquisite craftsmanship that went into these adobe structures is a testament to its once thriving population. From certain vantage points, one can see the miles of ruins that stretch out over the Peruvian plain.

Chan Chan Ruins

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