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India is a land rich with exquisite architectural panoramas and gleams beautifully in the dying light of day. The sinking yet luminous sun explodes with a lovely dash of color, intoxicating the aura of the surroundings. Gorgeous silhouettes of the rooftops gracefully formed by the disappearing sun, are an endearing sight to behold. Intricate sandstone structures glisten in the golden blush of the sunset, exuding charm and royalty in every beam. Historic monuments stand grandly in the dimming light, enlivened under the warm sky. The high roofs of the lively cities offer exceptional views smoldered in the fading rays. The sun, descending beneath a blanket of clouds behind tall trees, reflects its last rays upon calm waters, relaxing the atmosphere of its beloved communities. A sparkling monument at sunset is that of the sublime Taj Mahal, divine in the mellow colors of the approaching night.

India at Sunset

Take a tour of India at Sunset in India part of the Worlds Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

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