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Gary - February 18, 2007
I plan to go to Buenos Aires because of the filmmaker Ginger and the great job she does. I've watched all her films, fun and informative. I am so happy to find out there is the option of vegetarian empanadas, now my mouth is watering for baked empanadas! Thanks for all films on Argentina, I hope there will be more in the future.
GK - March 11, 2007
hey, why didn't you tell me about this site before i came down??? also, let's get some veggie empanadas. gk
Rich Hengst - September 04, 2007
Meat Empanadas are great ... but Americans don't realize that the olive in the empanada has a pit still in it. Bite carefully. I live on these things when I'm in Buenos Aires - one of my two favorite cities in the world for great people and great food - (Florence is the other one).
John - November 29, 2007
If you want really great empanadas, the El Sanjuanino in the Recoleta. is your best bet. It is a short walk from the Ricoleta cemetery near the corner of Posados and Callao.
Hannah - February 27, 2008
I have watched this video four times now; the empanadas look deLICIOUS and Ginger is so informative. I'm so excited to make them now!
linus - March 30, 2008
i like empanadas. yumm
grace - April 24, 2008
I am Argentinian residing in USA...I will be visiting my native country this July 2008 and can't wait to eat empanadas!!!! They are my favorite, well, amongst other food like fresh pasta, asado, and of course medialunas and ice cream!!! yum
Barbara - August 17, 2008
I returned from Buenos Aires tonight and found this video. Fabulous. Where can I find the recipe?
Alec Deblanc - August 18, 2008
My scottish girlfriend loves empanadas. Everytime she comes to buenos aires to visit me she eats lots lol
shy - December 01, 2008
what is the most popular desserts and food in argentina??
Vicente - January 04, 2009
There's a very good empanada place called El Sanjuanino on Calle Posada and Avenida Callao in Buenos Aires. It's a small restaurant where you can eat in or take out. They serve meat, chicken, swiss chard, and corn empanadas as well as pasta, meat and more. It never disapponts.
Grace from California, USA - January 09, 2009
Oh do we love the empanadas...My daughter and I were there for 1 month in July of 2008! We definitely had lots of empanadas...some were homemade by my relatives who reside in Buenos Aires. Gotta have them! They are traditional and soooo tasty.
diego from argentina - May 16, 2009
there are dozens of vegetarians empanadas... spinach, acelga (kale), corn, tomato and onion, tomato and red pepper, just to name some. Some of them come with egg, so if you dont eat egg you have to ask before. :) sorry for my poor english

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