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Mark - February 25, 2007
I'd prefer taking train and tram in Prague as opposed to taxi - public transportation is quicker and cheaper.
Gus - February 27, 2007
Metro is fast, clean, cheap a easy to use.
Pavel - December 08, 2008
The tickets are now more expensive: 18 / 26 Kc - Czech crowns
Mardepega - February 27, 2011
How can I go from the airport Ruzyne to Josefsk'a 1, 11800 Praha by public transport?
snerak - March 28, 2011
Be sure to validate your ticket. We rode one stop, were asked by an inspector to get off the tram and were each charged a $40 for not validating. We were unaware of the validation process. We observed everyone else who got on the tram. We just did what they did. No one validated their ticket but we got the fine.

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Public Transportation

What you need to know to ride public transportation in Prague.

Single ticket (short ride/limited transfer option) - 14 Czech Koruna

Transfer ticket (long ride)- 20 Czech Koruna

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